I am Winston. I love my name. My last name is Castillo. I am a computer engineer from Venezuela.

Recently moved to Quito, Ecuador. I have worked over my life in different companies such as IVIC (Venezuelan Scientific Researchers Institute), WeebCreek Technologies and Jobsity.

Recently I started to learn about Swift development and in the same time Quality assurance. And a world of knowledge has open in front of my eyes, that is one of the main reasons I return to run my website because I have found out it is better when you share everything that you learn. I am also a professional photographer and a producer, but I do my photo work in my free time, as a scape to computers and technologies.

That is the principal reason I don't have a big portfolio of photos. My mother language is Spanish but as simple as it looks it is always complicated even to express my ideas in my own language. I also speak a little of Portuguese and I am still learning Japanese. I love travels and cultures and everything I can see and feel in every country I visit. I am a simple person, just as any other.

Believe me, I am simple, real simple!


2.- La virtud de la amabilidad
2018-05-11 17:59:05